All essays are written by A.Y. Siu unless noted otherwise.
The Paradox of Nonconformity: How to balance inspiring struggle with appropriate resignation.27/11/04

More likely to die how?: Why I prefer cars to planes.24/10/04

Mac OS X v. Windows XP: Why Macintosh computers suck.16/10/04

Linux v. Windows: What Linux has to do to overthrow Windows.10/10/04

The Whining Rich: The truth about welfare mothers and the "comforts" of prison.10/09/04

How I Became a Comic Book Geek: Confessions of a sequential art aficionado.22/08/04

Ode to Low-Paying Jobs: Confessions of an ex-teacher who left teaching for an even lower-paying job.14/08/04

Double Standards: The truth about "double standards." 03/08/04

Fictional De-Sensitization towards Violence: What are the real effects of war toys and television violence? 31/07/04

Only Temporary Band-aids: Affirmative Action and Extended Time Testing: Real problems need real solutions, but solutions shouldn't be indefinite. 20/07/04

The Power of Prayer: An honest exploration of the mysterious phenomenon. Is it an illusion to comfort the naive victims of blind faith, or is it the key to miracles and a relationship with God?16/07/04

The Slut/Stud Double Standard: Everyone knows about it, but how do we break it? The key is in moving beyond semantics. 09/07/04

The Scary Charismatic Movement: The nineties and early 2000s saw the resurgence of a strong Charismatic movement among Evangelicals. This is what scares me about it. 03/07/04

What I Remember from High School: Some people say they don't remember anything from high school. This is what I remember. 29/06/04

Are We All Oppressed?: How to identify problems without resorting to a victim mentality. 26/06/04

The Pledge Under God: Sure, the phrase 'under God' doesn't belong in the Pledge, but what's the big fuss about? 20/06/04

Why Teach English? : Finding purpose in being a high school English teacher. 16/06/04

Fighting Gender Role Boundaries: Concrete actions you can take not to reinforce gender roles. 11/06/04

Missionary Dating: There's something seriously wrong with 'missionary dating,' but it's not what you usually hear. 10/06/04

Why I'm a Pro-Choice Christian: Most Christians believe abortion is morally 'wrong,' but why should it be illegal? 04/06/04

Secular Music Edifies Me: Should Christians listen to secular music? Is there a difference between being in the world and being of the world? 03/06/04

"Subversive" Saved!?: The new movie Saved! is not subversive in any way. 31/05/04

Individual Choice: Many of the choices people say are "individual" have large sociological significance. 27/05/04

Bad Journalism: A lot of "news" is just misleading reports of ho-hum happenings. 26/05/04

Gmail and Privacy: What's the big hoopla? Do any email providers really offer privacy? 24/05/04

Distracting Dress Codes: Which is worse--the dress or the dress code? 19/05/04

My Life with MP3s: The profile of a music downloader. 14/05/04

A Christian Perspective on "Homosexuality": Should Christians support gay marriage? Here are some reasons they might want to.

Antifeminism: A dissection of the logical fallacies of anti-feminist author Peter Zohrab.

Christian Living: A long document about various issues pertaining to Christian living.

Some Casual Critical Theory on Conventional Wisdom: A treatise on the assumptions we can and can't make about what others believe and why.

Some Guidelines for Effective Change: Simple rules few will ever follow.

An Attitude of Appeasement: What's wrong with Hollywood's version of political correctness.

Mother Nurture: Trying to add some perspective, ambiguity, and complexity to a usually polarized ("nature v. nurture") debate.

People of Color should be more than just useful: Does every civil rights leader have to bring about legislation?

Race Relations: Is Progress Impossible?: Some people don't acknowledge it, but there are still race problems. Can we fix them?

Reflections on Teaching: Want to be a teacher? Want to inspire students? Read this first.

Myths about what schools need: Politicians rarely have any clue when they talk about leaving no child behind or raising academic standards.

Social Education: Do scare tactics keep people away from drugs, alchohol, and teen sex?

Love & Marriage by Jennie Huang: Considering marriage as an investment.

Letters from reputable publications by various authors: Profound but rarely spoken thoughts on anti-Semitism and "homosexuality."

Celibacy: Why Christians should not seek out marriages, even if they eventually end up married.

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